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Re: Przewodnik po markach obuwia (FRANCJA)


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Alain Madec (Ecully)
Altan Bottier (made by Zarco)
Amphibious - RTW
Anthony Delos
Arcus - RTW
Atelier Carré
Atelier Voisin
Bellow - RTW
Bowen (made by Zarco)
Caramelo - RTW
Caulaincourt (Paryż) - RTW by Berluti http://www.caulaincourt-paris.fr/
Celine - RTW by Sutor Mantellassi
Cerruti - RTW (made in Italy by Moreschi)
Charles Jourdan (Paryż)
Chemises Chaussures Hommes - RTW
De Gier - RTW, MTO
Delaunay Maitre Bottier - RTW, MTO
Derville - MTO/MTM http://www.derville-chaussures.fr/
Dimitri Gomez
Edwin Wallace - RTW (made by Finsbury)
Emling (made by Zarco)
Fredetti (Paryż) - RTW http://www.fredetti.com/
Garrice (Paryż) - RTW, Bespoke
Gérard Sené (Paryż)
Hardridge - RTW http://www.hardrige.com
Heschung (Saverne)
Heyraud (Paryż) - RTW, MTO
J. Bradford - RTW
J.M. Weston
Jean-Baptiste Rautureau - RTW, MTO http://www.jeanbaptisterautureau.fr
Jean-Michel Cazabat - RTW, MTO, Bespoke
John Mac Gray - RTW
Jorge Cunha - RTW, MTO
Joseph Fenestrier - RTW
Joseph Malinge - RTW, MTO http://www.chaussure-luxe.fr
Kangnai (made in China) http://www.http://kangnai.fr
Loding (made by Zarco)
Loding (made by Zarco)
Marc Guyot
Markowski (made by Zarco)
Massaro Bottier - RTW, Bespoke http://www.massaro.fr
Mod Britanique - RTW
Officina Patina
Palladium - RTW
Pape (Paryż)
Pascal Morabito - RTW
Patrick Bottier (Paryż) - RTW, MTO
Paul & Joe - RTW
Peter Blade - RTW
Raymond Massaro (Paryż)
Rebellum - RTW
Rene Lezard - RTW
Repetto - RTW, MTO http://www.repetto.fr
Romis - RTW
Rudy's - RTW {C}http://www.rudys-chaussures.com/{C}
Sebastian - RTW
Septième largeur - RTW by Markowski {C}http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/home-en.html{C}
Stanislas Bottier
Stephan Gontard - RTW
Svanford - RTW
Ted Lapidus - RTW
Vuarnet - RTW {C}http://www.vuarnet-international.com/index_en.php
Yves Saint Lauren - RTW, MTO (made by Bowen)

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