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Irlandzka a Polska 'współczesna elegancja a rebours '


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Off Topic - elegancja a rebours

Dla ciekawych świata polecam artykuł z Irish Times http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/fea ... tml?via=mr

Psioczymy tak na polską 'elegancję' a okazuję się że plecaki do garnituru, dresy, stare skarpety, fatalne buty są obecnie wyróżnikiem kulturowym także mieszkańców Irlandii. Błędy modowe Irlandczyków brzmią jak błędy Polaków. Porównajcie z artykułem o Polakach na blogu Mr Vintage http://mr-vintage.blogspot.com/2011/02/ ... skich.html

Nie dziwi że Polacy znaleźli drugi dom w Irlandii :)

Natomiast tu jest bardzo istotny akapit dotyczący minionej elegancji i obecnego stanu rzeczy:

YOU STILL see them: auld fellas who know how to dress despite not having given their outfits a moment’s thought for their entire lives. Their shirts are white, their suits dark. They have a flat cap on, a dark or possibly club tie, and an overcoat. They dress like this because, in their prime, all men dressed like this. You didn’t have to think about clothes. They never changed. You never decided what they would be – the culture did. You bought them in gentlemen’s outfitters, like everyone else, and you looked pretty good, like everyone else. You could look smart, in other words, without actually caring how you looked.

Not so now. The male uniform is long gone. Every man has to choose how he looks. It’s an existentialist crisis for those who don’t really care about clothes. The 21st-century Irish male shopper is condemned to be sartorially free and entirely responsible for how he looks. Faced with a bewildering choice of mostly ill-suited juvenile clothing, you cannot look good unless you care about clothes, something the Irish male hasn’t twigged and which leads to all manner of fashion faux pas, some of which we’ve listed below.

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